Newborn baby essentials


A new born baby requires the best care. Babies have low immunity till they reach their 6th month. So it’s very essential to keep babies safe from insects , dusts , rashes and pollutants. From my personal opinion Himalaya products are best for babies. Himalaya shampoo and body wash is best suited for babies compared to other products which has been used. Himalaya products are gentle. Never put on powder on ur baby till he/she is 6 months old. Powders tend to clog the pores in babies skin. For the skin you can use moisturizer instead of powder. Sebamed is one best product. The only con is it’s a bit costlier compared to other products but trust me it’s really worthy. The sebamed is formulated in a way it maintains the pH level in the baby skin hence making the skin so soft and free from allergies and rashes. Sebamed baby cream and the facial cream best suits any baby and gives higher protection and softness compared to any other products. For hair you can apply purr coconut oil. A few drops is enough to apply. Apply regularly . Never give your baby head wash daily. Twice a week is recommended.


I personally recommend Pampers. Pamper pants are so comfy and leak proof. Whatever diaper you use for the first 3 months you need to change the diapers frequently as the baby may use up to 8 diapers a day. Babies under 3mos tend to urinate and poop a lot so proper cleaning and care should be given in order to avoid urinary infections and rashes. The rashes at this stage may lead to tear skin and infect the skin easily and also babies with rash will cry continuously since the rash may cause itch and pain to baby. Always have a baby rash cream. If not you can apply coconut oil jus few drops in rash occurring areas after cleaning if the rash is jus started. If it’s a severe rash do consult a gp and apply the diaper rash cream often.

Other essentials

Vitamin D3 drops are very necessary to be given to baby after you bath baby in the morning. Since babies are kept inside home when are little one they lack exposure to sun to get necessary vitamin D3. So do give your baby 0.7ml of just Dee drops. Or the drops your gp prescribe.

Have some 6 nos cotton large towels to use. Always use a full covered dress till baby reaches three months age. Never mingle other clothes with baby cloths. Wash baby clothes separately with a mild liquid detergent. Pigeon or Mee Mee detergent s are good.

Use mittens as baby nails are delicate to cut at this stage. Using mittens avoid babies from getting hurt with their nails. Also mittens provide warmness in hands and legs. Don’t put baby in a temperature that baby sweats. Just maintain some warmness providing good covered cloths and blankets and keep baby in a good airated place.

Getting a crib is optional and it’s your choice. Babies tend to cry in the initials days but will get used to crib very quickly. Good cribs are available starting from 12k. Placing a crib require some space and keep it in a dust free place. Provide crib with bumpers so the baby don’t get hurt.

Always have a gp number with you and never hesitate to go to hospital on finding changes in baby behaviour like poop color changes, rashes, chillness, fever etc.

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