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Hi everyone,

This topic covers up each month of your baby development. Some babies may reach the milestone a little early or late and it depends on individual but 90 percent of babies do reach each milestone at appropriate time. You can consult a pediatrician if there is a lot of delay in baby’s activity development.

Lets start,


  • Lifts head when lying on tummy
  • responds to sound.


  • follows items with eyes and notices. But at this time baby vision is not fully developed and may be able to see only items that are closer.
  • holds head up for short periods.


  • smiles and laughs
  • tracks moving objects with eyes


  • Holds head up.
  • recognizes people.


  • plays with hands and feet
  • distinguishes between colors.


  • Starts to sit with minimal support
  • turns to voice


  • first tooth appears soon
  • finger coordinates well
  • plays with toys holding it


  • says mama or dadda


  • starts crawling
  • tries to move around


  • stands holding support like chair
  • waves goodbye
  • responds to speech like calling by name etc


  • understands simple words like sit , go etc
  • tries to stand alone


  • indicates its needs like chewing mouth or putting fingers in mouth to say am hungry etc

These are the basic developmental stages each month .


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Taking care of newborn

After delivery you may feel that you have crossed something big in your life . But that’s not over yet . You have a very big responsiblity now in your hands. Taking care of a new born is not that easy. But is definitely a sweet gift and enjoyment. 

Before your baby comes home from hospital there are things you need get ready to take care of the newborn from diapers to crib. (I ll discuss the best in each items in the following posts) 

A newborn skin is very soft especially if born preterm their skin is very delicate and should be handled very carefully as you may cause tear. Always wash your hands with hand disinfectants. Never allow anyone touch your baby without cleaning their hands as well. Since they have very low immunity and can catch up infections very soon. A baby if gets infected or is ill it will become a very tedious process to help recover and it hurts your little one a lot. Prevention is better than cure should be your only mantra when taking care of a newborn.

Baby’s need to be breastfed only. The breastmilk contains lots of good stuffs that bring good immunity and support baby’s healthy future . I don’t suggest a formula drink unless you are unable to breastfed due to insufficient milk. For the first 3 months baby gets stomach full of food with your breastfeeding itself so no need to search for supplement. After 3rd month few baby’s may feel hungry or needs supplement due to lack of enough milk by the mother. At that time you may prefer Nanpro1 which contains probiotics and good for healthy gut of baby. Or if you prefer to breastfeed completely till 6months then your gynecologist can suggest you tablets like lactate which helps in increasing milk supply. 

Next concern is bathing your newborn. Bathing a baby could be a little tricky one since they are so delicate to handle and those baby soft bones makes us feel scary to handle them in bath. But need not worry baby bath basins are available in which you can place the baby and slowly apply baby soap and cleanse your baby with warm water. Make sure to have good soft towels ready in hand and wrap her immediately once after bath. No long time bath plz. Always use only baby lotions . Need not apply powder as they block the pores and end up in skin problems.

Baby’s tend to poop and urinate large numbers of times in their first month’s time. Use a baby friendly diaper . Diaper rashes and redness in bump are very common. Your pediatrician may prescribe you lotions for such conditions.

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