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simple beauty tips & hacks

#1 Vaseline gel for hair tips:
Just take some Vaseline gel and rub in your inner palm and just apply it very lightly on the hair tips. This prevents the tip of your hair from getting dry. Dont apply too much directly as it will leave you a greasy look.

#2 Potato for tan removal:
Peel off the potato and cut it into small pieces and grind it into a paste and apply it on your skin like a mask. cut two slices of potato and place it on eyes as it will help immediately reduce dark circles.

#3 For a fuller looking hair:
Usually we shampoo the hair and then we conditioner it. Try the vice-verse. First conditioner your hair and then shampoo your hair and cleanse it and blow dry it. you can instantly get a thicker than usual hair look.

#4 Active looking eyes:

Use your white eye-shade on the inner corner of your eyes and under the waterline of your eyes ie. below the place where you apply kajal. give a streak of white shade in these places for a bright eyes instantly.

#5 Remove makeup stains:
Use the shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream on the region of stain like collar area etc. and soak for 10 mins and put it in the washing machine and regular wash it. Then see the magic. without a lot effort all the stain is gone.

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1st March 2016 · 10:42 am

Beautify your eyes


Our personality is the mirror that projects who we are.. It is always necessary to present ourselves well..

Firstly our eyes are the main thing that is required to be presented well inorder to look beautiful.. poets do always mention a few words about the eyes while describing a girl.. yeah a girls eye is naturally beautiful.. check the following to make it look even catchier..

Eye brows.. Threading is something we all do.. but do u know what kind of shape suits you well.. if u could make your eyebrows in the perfect shape then it will definitely boost your overall looks..


These 5 points are to be placed correctly before the process of shaping would start.. if u have your own trimmer you can try it out yourself.. make sure u are fixing them perfectly..

1.The front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose.
2.The arch should be three-quaters of the way back from nose bridge.
3.The tail should tapper-off follow the angle of the eye.

HOPE this helps…

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