Postpartum checkup 

A postpartum checkup is usually done during the 6th or 8th week after delivery. Your gynecologist will check your incision to make sure you are healing well and also see your physical and emotional state after your pregnancy and delivery.

Usually the incision heals completely by this time during your postpartum checkup. Your gynecologist may see the incision and see if the incision is clean and is headed properly. And also you are questioned regarding any discomforts or pain in your abdomen .

In few cases your gynecologist may ask you for a ultrasound or TVS (trans vaginal scan) to see the uterus. This is done mostly to check if your uterus has shrunk to the prep regnancy size ie. When you where not pregnant. The uterus should get back to that state with the specified time and your gynecologist may see through the reports of your ultrasound or TVS to make sure recovery process is on correct phase.

Also during the postpartum checkup your are recommended to come with your husband. During this appointment your gynecologist will discuss with you about resuming your sexual life and some precautions like condoms , using of cerazette tablets etc since after a csection it is advised not to plan for the second child for the first six months after delivery. This period may be a year or longer too in some cases depending on the women’s health condition.

Postpartum depression is faced by many women nowadays. Jus feel free with your gynecologist to tell her how you feel emotionally like weeping all time or feeling of sadness or extreme mood swings as these are the primary symptoms of postpartum depression. She may suggest you going for a counselling or may prescribe safer tablets to reduce stress. Also to get out of this depression engage yourself in some good activities during your free time like painting, gardening, music etc as these activities are scientifically proven to reduce stress. 

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