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Hi everyone,

This topic covers up each month of your baby development. Some babies may reach the milestone a little early or late and it depends on individual but 90 percent of babies do reach each milestone at appropriate time. You can consult a pediatrician if there is a lot of delay in baby’s activity development.

Lets start,


  • Lifts head when lying on tummy
  • responds to sound.


  • follows items with eyes and notices. But at this time baby vision is not fully developed and may be able to see only items that are closer.
  • holds head up for short periods.


  • smiles and laughs
  • tracks moving objects with eyes


  • Holds head up.
  • recognizes people.


  • plays with hands and feet
  • distinguishes between colors.


  • Starts to sit with minimal support
  • turns to voice


  • first tooth appears soon
  • finger coordinates well
  • plays with toys holding it


  • says mama or dadda


  • starts crawling
  • tries to move around


  • stands holding support like chair
  • waves goodbye
  • responds to speech like calling by name etc


  • understands simple words like sit , go etc
  • tries to stand alone


  • indicates its needs like chewing mouth or putting fingers in mouth to say am hungry etc

These are the basic developmental stages each month .


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click to watch video on why are you still fat?

searching regularly for exercises and food habits to lose weight!!

Tired of trying stuffs given online like less calorie diet, gym , food chats etc!!

Still wondering why you have not lost any pounds???

Well, you are not the only one wondering this way, so relax..

So here is the solution for your question…

Did you know:

There are 6 major factors that destruct our efforts for weight loss ,they are

  • Harmonal Imbalance
  • Toxins
  • Stressed lifestyle
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Less sleep
  • Less protien intake


Wondering how harmones related to weight loss. It’s simple certain harmones released have the tendency to store fat or burn fat. Harmones play a vital role in metabolism and fat storage. The high metabolism rate the high calories are burned. This is the reason why people with thyroid , diabetes and under certain medication seems to gain or lose weight with no effort . You ll eat the same amount and workout the same way but still under some medication or health prob you can seem to gain weight or loss weight. So harmonal Imbalance is the major factor that hinder our efforts to lose weight. Proper consultation with the GP and correcting your health issues will sort out the excess weight gain issue.


Today our day out is full of pollution and the food we eat contains pesticides. These are those that introduce toxins into our body. These toxins are to be cleared from our body once in a while. Get the best detox products to detoxify. Or you can use homemade stuffs like green tea, lemon tea etc and drink excess of water to wash away those toxins from your body. Once these toxins are out of our body this will help to boost your metabolism level thus leading to effective weight loss.


Nobody today is stress free. But do you know how stress affects your body. Stress releases a harmones called cortisol which is a harmones helping with fat storing. Increased level of stress increase this harmones secretion. Not only that but cortisol also increases the hunger in one thus making you feel hungry often. So try to be stress free and calm down. You need to help your body to so what you wish “weight loss”.


Eating just the proper amount of required calories is not suffice to have a healthy body. What we eat matters the most.

See for example a Coke contains 80 calories and a apple contains 110 calories. So does it mean drinking a Coke is better compared to an apple.

Many do this mistake of just seeing the calorie value and not looking through the nutritional value. Best nutritional food is the best diet. A apple or veggies will never put you on unwanted weight. So always check for the nutritional value rich food.


People think if less they sleep they can spend more time. But to be more productive in the work you do you need sufficient sleep. Sleep cycle disturbance often leads to mental stress. When you lack sleep your body produces a harmore called ghrelin which is a fat storing harmones. With sufficient sleep your body produces leptin which is a fat burning harmone. So more the sleep more calories you burn. With less sleep ,less weight loss.


A less protien diet will no induce weight loss. A high protien in diet helps in building muscles and burn fat. The more protien intake helps in good body build and reduce loose fat muscles in body.

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Is Having Sex during pregnancy good or bad? Safe or not? Know more.

Is Having Sex during pregnancy good or bad? Safe or not? Know more.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of life. But a women has to cross many hurdles for a perfect healthy delivery of a baby. Like physical changes and mental changes. She is required to eat foods which she may hate and her growing tummy causes stretches and marks and itches and also non bearable pains like round ligament pains , joint pains,migraine, and the most wonderful delivery pain.

Is Having Sex during pregnancy good or bad? Safe or not? Know more.

In spite of these a couple has to make compromise on sexual life as well. From the moment you come to know you are pregnant your mind tends to change. Some women gets a big desire for sex whereas some women’s sexual drive disappears. A men has to cope up with these in order to make your little one and your beloved wife feel comfortable. Our body is our biggest guide. Our body tells exactly what we need to do and if we listen to our body 90% of our health issues will be solved.

On your first visit to your Gynecologist, ask her if you are OK to have sex because it’s most said that the first 3 months are very crucial stage as the baby in the womb is not so steady and almost 25% end up in a unfortunate miscarriage. Only if your GP says it’s OK then you can continue sex. If you find yourself spotting after sex it’s very common and nothing much to worry but let your GP know . If you are bleeding after sex immediately contact your GP and do not have sex at least for the 3 months time. It all depends in you and carts from women to women and delivery to delivery. Not all are the same.

Once you have passed 3months time then congrats you can resume your normal sexual life. Note: few very few may be guided by your gp to stop until birth.

It is said that the enzymes in the sperm tends to stimulate contractions which helps with birth . Using a condom before 8 months would be better so that no infections could be passed on during sex  and reduces the UTI urinary tract infection as well.

After the 8th month you can have sex and can be continued till birth. A good sex can help as a great stress reliever and also promotes contractions. The sperm proteins help rupture the walls of the uterus hence helping with opening as well as promoting contractions. So it is said that sex doesn’t hurt during pregnancy.

So how long can I have sex? What positions can I have? You should be carefully with the positions as not all possible positions are now safe to have sex. Never press your tummy . It’s dangerous .you can try women on top positions and side-wise positions only. Have sex very precise time and in a smoother way . If it hurts please stop and consult your gynecologist.

In short : sex is perfectly safe in pregnancy until your gynecologist suggests to stop or any bleeding occurs.

Is Having Sex during pregnancy good or bad? Safe or not? What do you feel? Please share and feel free to register your thoughts below in the comment section.

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