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Implantation bleeding ? How to differentiate implantation bleeding from periods?

Implantation bleeding and how to identify implantation bleeding

What is implantation bleeding?

A implantation bleeding occurs as a result of a process called implantation which is the first stage of the pregnancy. Implantation is a process where the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus for the development into a fetus.
When the fertilized egg enters the uterus some amount of uterus layer is shed allowing the egg to pass in. As a result this little blood is shed called as the implantation bleeding. This is usually pink or brown and not much than just a spotting.

Identifying implantation bleeding:

Not all bleeding that occur during pregnancy is a worrisome issue . In the first early month a mild pinkish blood may come which is very mild pink or brown not bright red which is called the implantation bleeding. A implantation bleeding occurs just a week prior when your menses is to occur . Mild cramps are also common when implantation bleeding occurs. Only after a implantation one can have rise in hcg and a week later you can use a kit which may now show a bfp (positive). Not all can notice a implantation bleeding. And if occurs many may be confused if it is a irregular period occurring or something else.

Difference between implantation bleeding and periods?

A implantation bleeding lasts only a day that too just mild spotting need not require a pad and mainly it looks mild pinkish never bright red. And implantation bleeding occurs a week before your period is due. Wheras a period occurs as bright red blood and also with heavy cramping.
The implantation bleeding never contains clots or tissues in it , it’s just a plain pink spotting . Wheras a period may start with mild blood and starts bleeding with clots and lasts few days. In this way u can differentiate implantation bleeding from periods.

When to approach a doctor?

But it is also to be noted that the spotting doesn’t necessarily be a sign of pregnancy. since there are many other reasons for spotting to occur like pcos , hormonal imbalance etc. If your spotting becomes heavy requiring a pad and if feels like periods occurring on inappropriate time then it’s time to visit a gynecologist to clarify.

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How to present yourself in a interview (girls only)

#1 Be confident:
Doesnt matter what makeups you wear to look bright , the interviewer always focus on how confident you look to face things. so put a smile on your face and coverup your shyness or nervousness or whatever you feel. make sure you dont let him know your weakness.

#2 Hair style:
For a professional and sincere look a girl should always put a low bun or a ponytail instead of free hair or top knots. Dont let your bangs cover up your face ,pin it up neatly and spray your hair so that no disturbance will be there till the end of session and gives a elegant and neat look.

#3 Makeup:
Choose a lighter shade lipstick and make sure its not attractive because a highly professional person will not wear a lipstick which appears so distraction to others. A face makeup could be a cleanse and foundation, make it simple and elegant as it dont appear artificial and looks the way more natural.

Wear earrings that are of stud types and no dangles plz.

#4 perfume is a must:
It is very particular that you put on a perfume. Make sure you choose a slight sweet smelling perfumes only. Never opt for strong perfumes.

#5 Dressing manner:
Choose a dress as per the dress code mentioned. A light color dress will look mild and as we know colors influence ones mind psychologically. so a pleasent color like green, pink, blue etc are great for girls.

#6 Attitude:
Attitude matters a lot. A pleasing smile and a greeting is must once you enter the HR room for interview. If you cant answer any one of the question dont become nervous instead tell him directly that you are not sure with the answer with confidence and go ahead with the next questions and till the end never let him feel like your confidence is low. Always have your head held up and never let your crown fall. Nobody is high than you and no one is low than you so be brave and feel high for being yourself, this thought will promote your confidence.

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