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Reduce tummy and weight after c section

Reducing weight after csection can be a worrisome as you need to be in rest for a month and a half and meanwhile you need to eat well which will again put on weight. But need not worry.


Breastfeeding a baby helps you shed pounds just like that.

Breastfeeding is best for the baby and also it’s very beneficial for the mom as well. So never stop breastfeeding till you have good supply of milk. This is the first thing you can do in the early weeks after csection to reduce your weight. Breastfeed well as it’s recommended for the good development of immunity in babies.

You may be guided to eat well after surgery to improve breast milk. And personally you may feel hungry a lot and also may carve for foods like oily salty snack. But do remember that eating good nutritional food is important to reduce weight. Whenever you feel hungry do eat cup of fruits, cereals , green vegetables, salads etc. Which has low fat and good nutrition. Whenever you are hungry make sure you eat well and nutritional.

To start exercising vigorously you should wait atleast 6 weeks after surgery and also should get a green signal from your doctor.

Meanwhile you can do mild exercise like walking, jogging. After 6 weeks you can do exercises like pelvic tilt, bridge, sit-ups etc and follow your routine exercises and yoga. If you are new to these then you may need to consult a physiotherapist .

Drinking a lot of water will help you reducing weight . Drink atleast 8litres of water to stay hydrated. The water retention in body during pregnancy may also put up weight on your body. Drinking excess of water may help relieve and relax body bulging and removes the excess water retention in body.

You can try detoxification to make your body and skin healthy. Best detoxifier you can try on are green tea, lemon tea, dandelion tea. I personally recommend lemon teas as it refreshes your mind and body instantly and gives a fresh feel.


To reduce your tummy you can try upon above methods as reducing weight may help reduce tummy a bit.


And along with it you can try on tummy tightening exercises. A pelvic floor exercises may strengthen the lower abdomen muscles and tighten the loosened muscles. Bridge exercise also helps to put pressure on abdomen muscle and tighten it without stressing the stitches.


Now commercially there are many postpartum support belt available. On wearing these belt you can give a perfect support to your tummy and hence help your tummy skin shrink on its own .

Try out these properly and be benefited.

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Early signs of pregnancy

There are many old wives tales to say if one is pregnant. In movies people used to check the pulse of a lady and say if she is pregnant but practically it is not possible or is inaccurate to tell that way.. hence doctors consider it as a myth so don’t trust it. Some women say that they have intusions that they are pregnant but trusting it is not recommended. Above these our body shows up with lot many differ es due to the raising harmone which can state if a women is pregnant and are proved to be right. These could be a fun fact to guess ourself if we are pregnant.

The terms like bfp is called big fat positive and bfn is big fat negative are terms you could hear while so one saying about their pregnancy test strip result.

The following are the early symptoms that our body tells us when we get pregnant,

  1. No periods: This is the very first sign of pregnancy if you are having regular period cycle. If you have irregular periods then after day 35 you could perform a pregnancy test using the strip available in pharmacies to get confirmed. Note: Not all delay in periods mean you are pregnant so as soon as your period is missed check with your physician.
  2. Mild cramp and fatigue: This is a very common symptom with many ladies. The cramp usually occurs during implantation ie a week before your period is due. Fatigue occurs due to the increasing hcg harmone level. A hcg is the pregnancy harmone.
  3. Tiredness and sleepiness : Sleepiness is one common thing during the initial weeks of pregnancy. If u are a active person then you can notice to have an uncontrollable nap during day .And you may even feel like you are weak and sick.
  4. Vomiting sensation : Added up this also one of the major symptom that occurs when your period due date is crossed. Usually many women notice having vomitting in the morning when the harmone level is too strong and high. By the day passes you can feel the sensation settled down. Since this occurs mostly during the mornings it is commonly called as morning sickness.
  5. Aversions: Sudden aversion towards some food you usually eat is also a common symptom. As there is raise in harmone you will start feeling Aversions over your least liked foods and sometimes over ur favourites too.

These are the most common and most experienced symptoms by almost 80% of women in their early pregnancy.


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