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Postpartum checkup 

A postpartum checkup is usually done during the 6th or 8th week after delivery. Your gynecologist will check your incision to make sure you are healing well and also see your physical and emotional state after your pregnancy and delivery.

Usually the incision heals completely by this time during your postpartum checkup. Your gynecologist may see the incision and see if the incision is clean and is headed properly. And also you are questioned regarding any discomforts or pain in your abdomen .

In few cases your gynecologist may ask you for a ultrasound or TVS (trans vaginal scan) to see the uterus. This is done mostly to check if your uterus has shrunk to the prep regnancy size ie. When you where not pregnant. The uterus should get back to that state with the specified time and your gynecologist may see through the reports of your ultrasound or TVS to make sure recovery process is on correct phase.

Also during the postpartum checkup your are recommended to come with your husband. During this appointment your gynecologist will discuss with you about resuming your sexual life and some precautions like condoms , using of cerazette tablets etc since after a csection it is advised not to plan for the second child for the first six months after delivery. This period may be a year or longer too in some cases depending on the women’s health condition.

Postpartum depression is faced by many women nowadays. Jus feel free with your gynecologist to tell her how you feel emotionally like weeping all time or feeling of sadness or extreme mood swings as these are the primary symptoms of postpartum depression. She may suggest you going for a counselling or may prescribe safer tablets to reduce stress. Also to get out of this depression engage yourself in some good activities during your free time like painting, gardening, music etc as these activities are scientifically proven to reduce stress. 

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After pregnancy care csection …

Hi all pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life. Today many of us almost 50percent people undergo csection due to many reasons. I am one among you.


 The postpartum checkup will be scheduled at ur 6th or 8th week after your delivery. Till then a good rest is very necessary. After you leave the hospital you are set free to take care of yourself.

It is a little hard time for few since you are not allowed to take your baby out till the baby is 40days old. Baby needs to be breastfed for at least 6months for its well-being. And no sex strictly till you complete your postpartum checkup. It might be a worrisome for few.

Your incision may take some time to heal so taking rest never hurts. Always use a antiseptic lotion and clean the area once your stitches are removed by your GP. Always keep it dry and clean to avoid further complications.

After delivery depression is very common in among 80percent of women. Things tend to be normal but your hormones sudden drop may play a vital role in mood swings and your are required to be awake in nights as the baby needs to be fed every 3hrs. So sleepless nights also cause depression. Few needs counselling as they weep all time which is not good for a just operated women. This may make them sick . If you feel so down you can deliberately share your feelings with your family especially your husband. Since talking over can make you feel comfortable.

You should be very careful when you take tablets. Other than prescribed tablet you should never take tablets on your own. since tablets may pass over through breastmilk which may cause issues in the baby like diarrhea. So always contact your GP before taking tabs for your health issues or other. This should be followed till you continue breastfeeding.

Let your GP know if your bleeding has not stopped after 6weeks of time since there may be a issue .usually bleeding stops by 5weeks time. Any internal issues or incision issue may cause bleeding after 6week time.

Why is postpartum checkup for ? 

Will be continued in my next post…

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