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After pregnancy care csection …

Hi all pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life. Today many of us almost 50percent people undergo csection due to many reasons. I am one among you.


 The postpartum checkup will be scheduled at ur 6th or 8th week after your delivery. Till then a good rest is very necessary. After you leave the hospital you are set free to take care of yourself.

It is a little hard time for few since you are not allowed to take your baby out till the baby is 40days old. Baby needs to be breastfed for at least 6months for its well-being. And no sex strictly till you complete your postpartum checkup. It might be a worrisome for few.

Your incision may take some time to heal so taking rest never hurts. Always use a antiseptic lotion and clean the area once your stitches are removed by your GP. Always keep it dry and clean to avoid further complications.

After delivery depression is very common in among 80percent of women. Things tend to be normal but your hormones sudden drop may play a vital role in mood swings and your are required to be awake in nights as the baby needs to be fed every 3hrs. So sleepless nights also cause depression. Few needs counselling as they weep all time which is not good for a just operated women. This may make them sick . If you feel so down you can deliberately share your feelings with your family especially your husband. Since talking over can make you feel comfortable.

You should be very careful when you take tablets. Other than prescribed tablet you should never take tablets on your own. since tablets may pass over through breastmilk which may cause issues in the baby like diarrhea. So always contact your GP before taking tabs for your health issues or other. This should be followed till you continue breastfeeding.

Let your GP know if your bleeding has not stopped after 6weeks of time since there may be a issue .usually bleeding stops by 5weeks time. Any internal issues or incision issue may cause bleeding after 6week time.

Why is postpartum checkup for ? 

Will be continued in my next post…

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Early signs of pregnancy

There are many old wives tales to say if one is pregnant. In movies people used to check the pulse of a lady and say if she is pregnant but practically it is not possible or is inaccurate to tell that way.. hence doctors consider it as a myth so don’t trust it. Some women say that they have intusions that they are pregnant but trusting it is not recommended. Above these our body shows up with lot many differ es due to the raising harmone which can state if a women is pregnant and are proved to be right. These could be a fun fact to guess ourself if we are pregnant.

The terms like bfp is called big fat positive and bfn is big fat negative are terms you could hear while so one saying about their pregnancy test strip result.

The following are the early symptoms that our body tells us when we get pregnant,

  1. No periods: This is the very first sign of pregnancy if you are having regular period cycle. If you have irregular periods then after day 35 you could perform a pregnancy test using the strip available in pharmacies to get confirmed. Note: Not all delay in periods mean you are pregnant so as soon as your period is missed check with your physician.
  2. Mild cramp and fatigue: This is a very common symptom with many ladies. The cramp usually occurs during implantation ie a week before your period is due. Fatigue occurs due to the increasing hcg harmone level. A hcg is the pregnancy harmone.
  3. Tiredness and sleepiness : Sleepiness is one common thing during the initial weeks of pregnancy. If u are a active person then you can notice to have an uncontrollable nap during day .And you may even feel like you are weak and sick.
  4. Vomiting sensation : Added up this also one of the major symptom that occurs when your period due date is crossed. Usually many women notice having vomitting in the morning when the harmone level is too strong and high. By the day passes you can feel the sensation settled down. Since this occurs mostly during the mornings it is commonly called as morning sickness.
  5. Aversions: Sudden aversion towards some food you usually eat is also a common symptom. As there is raise in harmone you will start feeling Aversions over your least liked foods and sometimes over ur favourites too.

These are the most common and most experienced symptoms by almost 80% of women in their early pregnancy.


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